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MadeScapes is a Bristol-based collaborative art practice comprised of three artists, one writer, one graphic designer and one photographer. Established in 2011, MadeScapes has exhibited across the UK and in Europe.

Drawing on individual and collective experience in a rapidly evolving digital world, MadeScapes creates installations which feed from and into the individual practices of its members, whose varied theoretical approaches converge on the common themes of digital culture, online aesthetics, and the post-human experience.

MadeScapes presents a visually diverse but thematically cohesive body of work; stemming from a range of conceptual premises, from the natural world to video games, from digital culture to history and taste, these eclectic origins, activities, and sensibilities reflect the hyper-saturated, data-drenched forms and habits of information exchange in the 21st century.

Traditional media such as painting and carpentry are placed in parallel with text on social media platforms, and looped blog videos, to create a unique visual experience, from future archaeological dig to broadband-enabled desert island castaway.

"MadeScapes^ collectively represent the zeitgeist of current British contemporary art, pursuing ideas and creative outcomes with an impressive thoughtfulness, rigour and dynamism." Catherine Bourne, Director Bristol Biennial

"Loud, boisterous, bright and brash, MadeScapes^ present an energy within their shows that oozes youth and represents current online/digital culture. It also hints at nostalgia and plays with mis en scene. Working with this group was really fun, they have a great energy, sense of humour and play." Charlie Lavine, Chief UK Curator, Artfetch and Director, TROVE

MadeScapes ^ Artists

Tom Johnson
Will Kendrick
Lewk Wilmshurst

Writer: Trevor H. Smith

Graphic design: Garry Edison Cook

Photographer: Hannah Wilmshurst

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