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Beacons, The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, UK


Relay, OVADA, Oxford, UK
I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You, Motorcade/Flashparade, UK
Love and Other Utopias, Site Festival, Stroud, UK
Trawler, Motorcade/ Flashparade, Bristol, UK
Some of These Over There, 44AD, Bath, UK
Depth Charge, 44AD, Bath, UK


Proxy, TROVE, Birmingham, UK
Out of Office, Abingdon, Oxford, UK
Interplay, Hand in Glove, Bristol, UK
Holidays, Jam Factory, Oxford, UK
El Dia Di Los Muertos, Untitled BCN, Barcelona, Spain
Server, Parlour Showroom, Bristol, UK
Browser, Parlour Showroom, Bristol, UK


Topographic Translation: Iteration 2, Redcliffe Bridge, Bristol, UK
Frequency, Roman Baths, Bath, UK
Control_Room_2.0, Project Space, Bath, UK
Fastnet & Dogger, CASC, Chester, UK
Control Room, Redcliffe Bridge, Bristol, UK
Topographic Translation, Bristol Diving School, Bristol, UK
Fastnet and Dogger, Redcliffe, Bristol, UK
System History, Bristol, UK
Travel. Agency, Redcliffe, Bristol, UK